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Larry O�Brien




3/2002 -

Thinking in C#, Prentice Hall



Primary author on a major book for the C# programming language (1,000 pages, draft downloaded for public preview 75,000 times in first 3 months of availability).




05/2001 � 3/2002


Honolulu, HI


Helped with implementation of two Java interfaces to the Sabre Global Distribution System (airline reservation system), one based on Enterprise JavaBeans, one based on ebXML and SOAP. Coded the EJB-based interface myself, led the programming team that replaced the EJB-based interface with our own, highly-scalable, multithreaded SOAP-based implementation. Also coded EJB and �straight Java� clients for Authorize.net credit-card authorization service.


Technologies: �Agile Programming� methodology, WebLogic 5.1 EJB server (Windows 2000 & Solaris), J2EE (stateful and stateless session beans), Apache-SOAP SOAP Server, Castor Java-XML Serialization, Sabre JSAPI and SDS, Ant build tool, JUnit unit testing, jTest dynamic and static analysis, JUnitPerf load and scale testing, Jakarta-ORO regular expression library, Xerces XML parser, log4j logging tool, JavaMail, Authorize.net, Open Travel Alliance ebXML specification, Rational Rose, Together/J Enterprise.


Vice President, Engineering


07/2000 � 01/2001

Tenth Dimension Marketing

San Francisco, CA


Complete responsibility for planning, budgeting, and staffing applications development group. Conceived and prototyped eMarketing applications, including a zero-knowledge protocol system for determining Website demographic popularity and an email-marketing effectiveness-management suite.


Technologies: Rational Unified Process methodology, Apache Web Server (Linux & Windows 2000), JBuilder 4 IDE, Inprise Application Server, (stateless session beans and entity beans), extensive JavaMail, DHTML, Flash Generator, JUnit, Rational Rose.


Vice President, Technology


5/1999 � 5/2000

iMind Education Systems

Mill Valley, CA


Conceived, led, and developed core functionality of an enterprise-wide Student Information System for K-12 education. Conceived and reduced to practice patented techniques for correlating educational material (lesson plans, test results, readings) to local, state, and national standards. Represented company on School Interoperability Framework standards committee. Solution was an XML-over-HTTP Java 2 Enterprise Edition system running against a Persistence PowerTier Enterprise JavaBeans Server.


Technologies: Rational Unified Process methodology, Persistence PowerTier EJB server (all aspects of J2EE) backed by Oracle 8i, XML-over-HTTP, Oracle Internet File System, Citrix Server, Sun SunRay Internet appliances, Java Message Service, OS X, JUnit, Caliber/RM, advanced Swing (custom widgets qualified for multiple design patents).


Sole Proprietor


1994 � Current


Fairfax, CA


This is the name under which I consult. ALT.net developed what may have been the first profitable site on the World Wide Web in 1994 and computer-based training CD-ROMs such as �Rethinking the Software Process,� and �Bruce Eckel�s Hands-On Java CD.� In addition, it is the name under which I developed various Open Source Java projects, such as the first XML-based portal development toolkit; one of the first peer-to-peer applications for the World Wide Web; the JavaDomo mailing list manager; and my recent Palm Weblogging product. In addition, it is the business name under which I have written dozens of technical articles on software engineering practices, spoken at conferences, and trained software engineers throughout the world.


Technologies: Various projects have involved Java2D, Java3D, and Java Media Frameworks; extensive XML (DOM, SAX, JDom); Java security and cryptography; Java Messaging Service; JNDI & RMI; Python; Perl; Rational Unified Process; Extreme Programming; Agile Modeling; Flash & Flash Generator; Authorware; Custom PDF (Adobe Acrobat) generation; Palm C++ programming; Visual Age Micro Edition Palm Java programming; WAP-generating servlets


Founder & Chief Geek


2/1995 � 1/1997

1711 Software

Fairfax, CA


Developed Java-based framework for massive multiuser networked games. This was almost certainly the largest Java network application at the time and was one of the very largest Java applications of any type at the time. This led to a deep understanding of high-performance Java programming as well as being an experience with WWW eCommerce. I spoke on my experiences at several Game Developer�s Conferences and taught a well-received course at Berkeley on Java Game Programming; the notes and source code were very popular � even though the site is gone, I remain a �top 10� response on some of the search engines for the keywords �Java game programming.�


Editorial Director


7/1989 � 8/1996

Miller Freeman Inc.

San Francisco, CA


Founding Editor of Software Development and Game Developer magazines. Editor-in-Chief of Computer Language and AI Expert magazines. Chair of the �Online Services Task Force.� Sysop for pioneering online communities, CLMFORUM and AIFORUM, including distance learning initiatives. Founding co-chair of the first conference for professional Web programmers and designers. Track chair (Enterprise Development and Object-Oriented Analysis & Design) for the largest software engineering conference. Winner of multiple awards, including �Maggie� for Best New Magazine, Computer Press Association �Rookie of the Year,� and Association of American Business Press Editors �Signed Editorial� finalist.




5/1988 � 7/1989

Avery Productions

San Diego, CA


Wrote screenplay for feature movie No Speed Limit (�From the people who brought you Re-Animator!�). Chief responsibility was nodding enthusiastically at stupid ideas from directors and stars, writing them into the next draft, and then rewriting them out. Movie got to preproduction before being cancelled.


Biological Assistant


1996 � 1998

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

La Jolla, CA


Served as editorial assistant on peer-reviewed fisheries journal; programmed manuscript tracking system to manage the editorial flow of a peer review journal (still in use ten years later); programmed data-visualization and data-cleaning applications; programmed an expert system for field identification of pelagic seabirds; served at sea as a seabird identifier and counter (population studies).


First Professional Programming Gig



C. Behrens Machinery Co.

Danvers, MA


Wrote a BASIC program that generated CNC code for an industrial laser cutting machine which cut mathematically perfect 36� diameter sawblades from titanium sheets. One of the blades was acquired for the New York Museum of Modern Art�s permanent design collection and was pictured in a 1984 National Geographic article on lasers.


Dual Majors: Biology w/ Marine Science concentration and English



Long Island University


Left for financial reasons prior to achieving BS/BA degrees.


Association of Computing Machinery, Voting Member

Project Management Institute, Voting Member

Software Development Magazine, Contributing Editor