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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Hydrogen-power infrastructure: The new moonshot

I'm 100% for it. It should be noted that some of my non-technical friends were surprised to hear that hydrogen doesn't solve the problem of fossil fuel dependence, since the energy to crack water into H and O has to come from somewhere and renewables aren't there yet. So realistically, a hydrogren-power infrastructure means construction of many coal-burning plants: without reasonable regulation, that could be worse environmentally than the pretty-clean-actually IC engines we have in the US. Even if it's an environmental wash, though, it's much better for the US to be dependent on coal than on oil.

Plus, hydrogen has all sorts of benefits for micropower efficiencies. Of course, the first time the public sees the explosive power of 15 gallons of liquified hydrogen, you can pretty much guarantee a national freak-out.

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