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Monday, January 27, 2003

Borland Together to go .NET: While reiterating its commitment to Java, Linux, and the general concept of cross-platform-ness, according to this article, Borland appears to have unveiled the first tool in its .NET strategy (they'd already made the general commitment to support .NET). Although no details are yet available on Borland's site, it appears that the first thing they will produce is a new version of Together Control Center for .NET. No Delphi for .NET yet.
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Casey Chesnut has written a client for the Pocket PC Phone Edition that records your voice, shoots it off to a .NET Web Service running a speech recognition engine, and returns the results to your client. The best use of this is certainly for constrained input, not continuous speech recognition. Is there a killer app? The one that comes to mind is hands-free routing: a GPS still costs a few hundred bucks and inputting a destination is a pain, especially when driving. "I'm at mile 200 on route 50 in Nevada. How far to the gas station?" would be a pretty cool thing to be able to ask your phone.

Delightfully, Jakob Nielsen's latest Alertbox argues that voice interfaces are poor choices for the majority of applications. Compare and contrast.

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Youch. Gearhost, my hosting company, was offline for almost 40 hours over the weekend due to the Slammer virus and a perhaps-unrelated router problem. Things still seem quite slow, so if you've been trying to download Thinking in C#, please be patient. In general, Gearhost has been an excellent, inexpensive option for .NET-based Webhosting.

Even worse than the Internet flu, I've been floored by this year's virus and have spent most of the last week too head-ache-y and run-down to do anything but watch television. I like television but the years when I could be happy watching TV all day long are thankfully passed.

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